Thursday, August 25, 2005

It's a (Publishing) Pajama Party

Some of you may already know about my resource e-books for writers, which I've published over at (for the curious, I've also published an article about "My Life as a Lulu" that you can read right here).

Today I received Lulu's latest "Creator Update" newsletter, which contains an announcement about a terrific event coming September 5th-11th: Publish in Your Pajamas Week. The Pajama Program is a non-profit organization that offers warm pajamas--and books--to underprivileged kids. Lulu is going to help this program out, and here's where you and I can, too.

As Lulu explains: "For each person who signs up for Pajama Week and publishes on Lulu while wearing pajamas, we will donate a Lulu children's book to the Pajama Program. Help the less fortunate, and in your softest plaid flannel. It is, indeed, its own reward."

So if you've been thinking about publishing content--at Lulu--but waiting for a good time to do so, you've found it. Check out the program details right here.

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