Friday, May 01, 2009

Friday Find: Short Story Month

It's May! Which means that it's Short Story Month!

Short Story Month is not quite as institutionalized as, say, National Novel Writing Month or National Poetry Month. But some folks are doing great things for the short story in May. Let me point you to a couple of examples.

Over on Fiction Writers Review, fearless leader Anne Stameshkin invites us to "read or re-read some short stories in May and write to me about one of them that really rocks your writerly world. I’m not talking full-scale reviews (though if what you write becomes something longer, that’s OK)…just a paragraph or even a couple of sentences about why you’d recommend this story to other writers."

Anne has drawn inspiration from Dan Wickett (I always like to describe him as the indefatigable Dan Wickett). Dan's planning to read and comment on just under 100 short stories this month. Amazing.

So, happy weekend, happy May, and happy reading!


seana graham said...

Dan's inspired me, and you've reinspired me, Erica. Let's all get going on this this month!

Mary Akers said...

I have a huge stack of individual stories and story collections beside my bed. What better month to dwindle the stack? :)

Erika D. said...

Thanks for the comments! I'm not sure how much I'm going to be able to contribute to the effort this month--though I will try--but I am pondering a fairly big idea for NEXT May. Stay tuned!