Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Department of Congratulations

Congratulations to practicing writer Suchi Rudra Vasquez, whose new fiction collection, Kitaab, has been published by Six Gallery Press. Suchi writes that the book "was inspired by a year i spent living and volunteering in Bombay" and adds, given our recent blog discussion on prose poetry, that "people have called it poetic prose AND prose poetry, and I am also confused about genre, but very highly recommend Pessoa as well."
Congratulations to Jeffrey Vanke, with whom I embarked on the journey toward a Ph.D. in history. Jeff was a wonderful comrade along that road and his new book, Europeanism and European Union: Interests, Emotions, and Systemic Integration in the Early Economic Community, is now available.
And congratulations as well to Lisa Romeo, whose simply beautiful and poignant essay, "43 Lies About My Child," has been named a winner of Masha Hamilton's 31 Hours Parents' Intuition Contest. Check back soon for some commentary from Lisa on the craft decisions that went into her winning piece.

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JayTee said...

OMG I loved Lisa Romeo's essay. My own child was just diagnosed with sensory integration issues (it's all new to me) so this hit home in a big way. Thanks for linking to it!