Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Wednesday Web Browser

I don't believe that I've mentioned yet that I'm currently taking another online poetry course (my fourth in the past few years). Last week's lesson focused partly on titles, so right now I have titles on the brain. Which is why I found these two title-oriented items particularly interesting (if fiction-oriented). First, Eric Puchner gives us a lively article complete with a list of titles to avoid. Next up: Nigel Farndale (thanks to Philip Graham for that one).
Lisa Romeo reveals that she is a "bookless" writer. "That's right, I am a writer but I don't have a published book. It's not that my words have never appeared in a book; I've written for several published essay collections. But this, it appears, doesn't count. This is not my rule, but it is, more or less, the truth."
Two particularly thought-provoking posts: First, Ellen Meeropol reflects on political fiction and asks for input. And over on Luna Park, Michael Copperman raises questions of authenticity.
Finally, do check out The Writer magazine's redesigned Web site.


Philip Graham said...

Hi, Erika,
if you're working on poetry, then you might enjoy this odd little article, about a writer who creates poetry out of a flock of sheep. Got a grant for it, too!

Editor, Luna Park said...


Thanks for the link; we are really proud of Michael's piece. I am an avid reader of Practicing Writing--one of the great aggregates of writing info online.


Lisa Romeo said...

Thanks for the mention, Erika.

I also really enjoyed Eric's article about titles.

I often don't find just the right title until the very last moment, even though all along I think the one I was planning to use was IT.

Glad to know you are writing more poetry!

Erika D. said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

Michael Copperman said...

Glad you enjoyed the piece on authenticity, Erika. Travis drew me here, but this will become one of my regular stops.

Erika D. said...

Thank you so much, Michael. I look forward to becoming more familiar with your work.