Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday's Pre-Publication Post: Get Ready for the Launch!

It has been a crazy week, my friends, but if all goes according to plan, the new website will launch this evening. By this time tomorrow, you should be able to find Practicing Writing over at its new home on (Please click here to go directly to the relocated Practicing Writing.)

As I've mentioned before, the forthcoming publication of my story collection, Quiet Americans, seemed to present an opportune moment to move ahead with the consolidation of my multi-sited online presence into one brand-new hub. I'm excited, because I think that the new site is beautiful, well-organized, and informative (what a trifecta!). But I'm also a little nervous.

I hope that you'll bear with me as I work with the web designer to adjust the blogs' feeds (both of my blogs will be transferred from Blogger to their new pages on the Wordpress-based site) and do everything else that's necessary to make the transition happen. I thank you in advance for your patience!


Oronte said...

Godspeed, friend.

mike said...

I have just set up my blog through wordpress on a direct host - strangely simple.

Good look.


Lisa Romeo said...

You go, girl. Am living (my publishing apsirations) vicariously through you at the moment. Hope all transitions go well.

Don Birnam said...

Stumbled on your site looking for other blogs on and about writing.
Look forward to reading more of your work.
If you have a chance please check out my blog and provide feedback and best of luck to you.

Tracy Crow said...

Keep us posted. Looking forward to the launch!

Erika D. said...

Thanks, everyone! Tracy, it's live! Go to, and enjoy!

Sam said...

The new website looks great. I've been using Wordpress for a long time and it is a great platform to use.