Friday, January 13, 2006

An Assignment for an Adventurous Writer

This sounds fun--and a little scary. To me, at any rate. I am not brave enough to try to take this on, but maybe you are.

Here's the deal. Scuba Diving magazine seeks "a talented writer to become a certified recreational diver—at our expense—and then tell the world all about the experience in a 'great read` feature. Your article will be the centerpiece of a newsstand special designed to introduce non-divers to the sport."

They'll pay to send you to a resort, they'll pay for the training, and they'll pay for the piece.

"We want a great—make that insanely great—personal narrative writer. Someone who can tell the story of their transformation from an absolute novice to a certified diver with a funny and insightful feature-length piece that will inspire others to take up the sport."

You must apply for this assignment by January 27. Full details posted over at

1 comment:

harried mom said...

Ah, adventure. Perhaps if I didn't have two young ones at home that need their mom healthy and safe, although the week at a resort is mighty tempting.