Friday, April 07, 2006

Are You a Lazy Housewife?

A new Web site,, seeks humorous, witty writers. "If you can come up with ridiculous cleaning ideas, such as strapping scrub brushes onto the bottom of your feet to clean a shower stall, and write a clever article about it, we need you!"

Pay rates are quite low ($13/article, maximum), but they are pay rates, and the articles they're looking for are pretty short.

This is what they're seeking:

"Silly Cleaning Tool 'Invention' Articles"

"Ridiculous Cleaning Articles"

"Fictitious News Stories"

"Funny Stories"

"Ridiculous Cleaning Idea"

"Ridiculous Cleaning Tips"

Note that submissions "should be ridiculous, witty, and creative--in fact, the more ridiculous, the better. This website is not meant to be taken seriously; its purpose is to give housewives (and others) a good laugh. But please remember...there is a difference between ridiculous and stupid."

For details about the article categories, plus submission information, check the Web site.

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Katherine Huether said...

Hi Erika, I just discovered your blog. This market looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing!

Katherine Huether