Monday, May 15, 2006

E-book Updates

I like to keep our market directory e-books as current and correct as possible, which means that I update each of them more than once each year. The latest versions of our guides to paying poetry markets and paying essay markets are now available, and I hope you'll check them out soon (you can download a free preview of each and see some sample listings from each one before purchasing).

As you may remember I recently made our directory of paying short story markets free to all practicing writers, because I'd located an free online resource offering very similar material. But I think you'll agree that our poetry and essay e-books are still rarities, products of careful research through not only literary journals but also through a variety of newspapers, hobby magazines, regional publications, anthology series, and other possibilities.

Remember, our e-book market guides direct you only to markets that reveal their pay rates/terms (and guidelines) up front and online, so you're not left guessing how much you may be paid, or how to submit your work. (And compare the prices to other e-books you may find for sale elsewhere. I doubt you'll find a better deal anywhere.)

So check them out and, please, let me know of any sales that come your way through their tips!

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