Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Another No-Cost Contest

If you liked Georges Perec's La Disparition, a novel written entirely without the benefit of the letter "e" (*rika can't imagin* such a thing!), you'll love this no-cost poetry contest from Existere, a biannual journal based at York University in Canada. "Your challenge: to write a poem (or two, or three), without using the letter 'E'. Not in the title, not in the body, not even in footnotes, appendices, epigraphs, or epitaphs."

You can send up to 3 poems, maximum 100 lines. First prize will be $50; second prize, $30; third prize, $20 (I'm assuming this is all in Canadian currency). Winners will also receive two copies of the journal issue in which their work appears. There is no entry fee.

More information/submission guidelines at the journal's Web site.

Deadline: July 31, 2006.

(via placesforwriters.com)

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grackyfrogg said...

thanks for this tip!! work has been awfully slow today, so i thought i would take up the "no 'e'" challenge and give it a try, in spite of not writing poetry in ages... it's been a fun exercise! and i'm thinking i might actually send in the results, and see what happens, since there is no fee.

thanks again!