Wednesday, August 16, 2006

No-Cost Contest: Canadian Writers Collective

You don't have to be Canadian to enter this contest, which seeks Canadian travel stories, defined as stories that feature a trip, "taken, not taken imagined--to/from/between places in Canada--real, surreal, unreal." Keep your story under 1000 words. First prize: $50 (Canadian dollars, presumably). Submit via e-mail by September 30, 2006. There's no entry fee. Full guidelines/submission instructions here.

(via places for writers)


Anonymous said...

Hi Erika,its good to see a 'no-cost contest'You have no idea how much net surfing I've been doing tonight in trying in vain to find a writing contest of which didn't charge,fully knowing of course why (some)do charge.
That said,I perfer my first few contests to be free,as a form of a project to inspire me more away from my own blog of three years.

I tried this site once,didn't like it.It didn't have the human contact and family feel (journalspace)has,which I call home.
That too,said,I thank-you for your blog and free contest.And feel welcome to come visit me at

Erika D. said...

Hi, silentwhisper:

Thanks for your comments. You'll find many more no-cost contests posted here at the blog, and in our free newsletter, which you can learn more about at here.

We've also got an entire e-book filled with no-cost contests and similar opportunities. You can download a free preview with sample listings here.

Good luck. Hope you'll come back again.