Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday Finds

Some reading material for the weekend:

1) All kinds of books-and-publishing coverage, courtesy of

2) Missouri Review editor Speer Morgan expresses some interesting ideas about the novel in a two-part post: here and here.

3) The latest issue of Theatre Funding News, from the Fund for Women Artists, is now online.

4) Brett Jocelyn Epstein helps you discover if you have "what it takes to be a translator."

5) And because variety is the spice of life, check out some writing blog recommendations here (and thanks again to those who nominated Practicing Writing last month).


Lorri McDole said...


I wanted to send a big THANK YOU. Awhile back I posted some questions about MFA programs on the Poets and Writers website and you responded quickly with some helpful information. And then in June, you posted a call for submissions for the "Cup of Comfort for Writers" anthology. I submitted an essay and just found out it's been selected for publication. I did not see any listings for this call outside of your blog and so, needless to say, without you I would not be anticipating my first piece to be published in a book (I have had a few things in magazines). I am a busy mom who is just getting back into writing and publishing, and your blog is the first I check every day.

In my book, you deserve top honors for the best writer's blog. Thanks again,


Erika Dreifus said...

Dear Lorri:

Thank you so much for this post! It's really gratifying to know when/if I've contributed to another writer's "practice," and what, in particular, has been most helpful.

And congratulations on your essay acceptance! Which book will your essay appear in?

Thank you again for posting your news!


Oops--sorry, Lorri! I've now realized you that you did specify which book. I remember posting a call for three of them. Congratulations, again!