Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday Finds

I'm a cable news junkie in the best of times. Semi-sidelined the past week or so with what began as a cold, turned into laryngitis, and was finally diagnosed as bronchitis, I've been lured more easily than usual to the sofa to settle in and watch the various events comprising Gerald R. Ford's State Funeral.

Yesterday, feeling a little better, I worked at my computer while listening to the inauguration of the new Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick. As I then told a friend, both the funeral and the inauguration have made me more emotional (in a positive sense) about our country and its past, present, and future than I've felt in awhile.

Not surprisingly--this is often what happens when I'm truly "moved" by something--I then started thinking about related writing.

I've written about history and politics before. But I'm starting to organize some more current market information on those topics (remembering, of course, that there's room for historical/political writing in general interest magazines, travel magazines, newspapers, and more).

Here's where I've begun to look. I can't promise all the links within each site will work (or even that they'll lead to paying opportunities). But I'd be interested in hearing your experiences writing for such publications, and how you think about your writing on these subjects.

Metagrid's "History and Archaeology" magazines
Metagrid's "Politics in America" magazines "History" magazines "News" magazines

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