Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday Morning Market Listings

Here they are, folks--the Monday Morning Markets. Enjoy!

1) Wondering what kind of material The Missouri Review would love to see? Read Associate Editor Evelyn Somers's "Unofficial New Year's Wish List". Essayists, humorists, and interviewers of "important authors" should take special note. And don't forget to read the journal as you're submitting. (Yours truly has another book review in the new issue.)

2) A Stranger Among Us, a cross-cultural short fiction anthology to be published by OV Books, has extended its submission deadline to February 28. "A STRANGER AMONG US will focus on stories of cross-cultural collisions/bonds, encompassing a wide variety of ethnicities, races and nationalities. Any work that tells the story of what happens when a member of one culture finds him/herself in relationship with members of an "other" culture is eligible. (Jhumpa Lahiri's "The Third and Final Continent" would be an excellent example of this theme.)" Check out the guidelines here. (Look for the link to the call for submission on the left once you've entered the site.)

3) Upcoming essay themes over at Common Ties include: "dating (Jan. 26, stories due Jan. 23); chance encounters (Feb. 2, stories due Jan. 30); work (Feb. 9, stories due Feb. 6). We are also running Valentine’s Day stories on Wednesday, Feb. 14, stories due Feb. 12. Future themes may include divorce, camp, professors, family secrets, and the seven deadly sins." Non-themed submissions are also welcome (themed stories typically run on Fridays, but the site publishes M-F). And themed submissions seem to be welcome essentially anytime, too: "even if we cannot publish [your submission] on the theme day, all themes are recurring and we may consider running it at any point." Read full guidelines here (be sure to read the FAQ). Pays $100-$200/essay; may pay as high as $1,000.

4) Sumach Press (Canada), "publishers of dynamic feminist writing with a critical perspective," is now looking for submissions for a new YA story collection about mothers and daughters and body image, to be published in 2008. "The working title of this anthology is Cleavage. Co-editors Deb Loughead and Jocelyn Shipley are calling for stories about eating disorders, cosmetic surgery, implants, clothing choices, hair, waxing, makeup, piercing, tattoos and similar topics. Point of view should be thirteen and up, but the issues can be the daughter's, her mother's, or both. We're especially interested in quirky, humorous stories that capture the bizarreness of body image as well as defining mother-daughter moments." Work must be unpublished and not currently submitted elsewhere. Submission deadline: June 15, 2007. Pays: $75 (presumably in Canadian funds) plus one copy of the book and a 40% discount on additional copies. Full announcement here. (via InScribe) NOTE: I have confirmed with the editors that they are looking specifically for FICTION.

5) Red Line Editorial, a development house that produces books for educational publishers, seeks authors. " We are seeking skilled writers who can take complex societal issues (gay marriage, stem-cell research, global warming, etc.) and present all sides of the issue in a non-biased way." Also has available projects on historical topics/biographies. "If you have the ability to boil complex issues and stories down and present them to young readers in a way they can understand, we'd like to talk to you." Check announcement at

6), "Canada's sweetest trend-spotting web site, is looking to expand our Calgary team of writers." Pays: "Negotiable." Check announcement at Jeff Gaulin's Journalism Job Board.

7) The Saskatchewan Writers Guild is looking for both mentors AND writers to participate in its Mentorship Program for Emerging Writers. Mentors will be paid an honorarium of $2,500 (presumably in Canadian funds) for their participation. Saskatchewan residency required. No application fees. Deadline: January 31, 2007. Full program and application information here.

8) Attention, Brooklyn writers! "The Brooklyn Paper, which has changed its name to the singular, has an immediate need for freelancers due to its expanded local coverage. The paper has just started a new section called The Stoop, which will report 'on the stuff that you talk to your neighbor about,' says editor Gersh Kuntzman. Car theft rings, famous people moving onto the block, a new big box store would be the kind of fodder he's looking for. The paper's geographic area focuses on brownstone Brooklyn in Park Slope, as well as Bayside, Bensonhurst, Ft. Greene and Clinton Hill." See the full announcement at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism Job News and read this helpful piece on freelancing for local papers (including tips on how to be published in The Brooklyn Paper).

9) Opera writer sought for advertising supplement series in an international newspaper. Pays: $500/1000 words. Read the announcement here.

10) World Scholar Magazine is looking for freelance writers. "Writers who show experience writing for international/college students and/or for ethnic audiences will be given first priority." Seeks articles addressing issues relevant to international students in the United States. "Topics may include the latest on immigration law changes, employment, scholarships, American culture, etc. We love stories about international students who are stars on campus or in the community." Pays: $45/feature; $20/column. See the announcement here.

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