Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday Morning Market Listings

Welcome to this set of Monday Morning Market Listings!

1) Interested in pitching Gourmet magazine? Read this profile of Deputy Editor Jocelyn Zuckerman first. (The article is targeted to PR professionals, but writers will find it helpful, too.)

2) Here's another opportunity for a foodie-writer (provided that you're in the Chicago area): Time Out Chicago is looking for a part-time assistant for its "Eat Out/Drink Up" section. Job entails about 20 hours of work/week and pays "based on experience." Details here.

3) News University invites applications for a yearlong paid fellowship to help create e-learning for journalists. Deadline: March 15. More info here.

4) Know a lot about cars? AOL Autos is looking for freelance writers "to draft original, engaging content." Pays: $250-$400/article. Check the announcement here.

5) Chicken Soup for the Soul is looking for stories for a number of new titles. Check here for themes and deadlines.

6) If you're based in the Chapel Hill/Durham area, you may want to look into this call for "writers for feature articles in local community monthly paper." Pays: $75-$100/article. Details here.

7) A New Jersey magazine is looking for "NJ parents who are working the NJ system to care for and educate their kids. We want to know your successes and failures, speed bumps, wild goose chases--the good, the bad and the ugly. Details and specifics. This is how we can inform and help other parents with special needs children. We are interested in your experience with your children right through adulthood. Mental illness, ADD, learning disorders, autism, behavioral etc. School, private and public sector, medical, health care, intervention--what can you share." Pays: $.10/word "and/or flat rates." Details here.

8) Web magazine "seeks writers to craft articles to teach financial and business tactics as well as the art of living well on small budgets. In addition, feature articles are needed on financial markets, business and consumer markets. Length will range from 500-2,500 words per article." Pays: "$50-$75 per 500 words starting." Details here.

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