Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Morning Market Listings

Hi, everyone. I want to take a moment to thank all of you who are kind enough to spread the word even further about the opportunities I post here (and through our monthly newsletter) while observing the courtesies/ethics of crediting this blog/the newsletter for your discoveries.

I'd also like to issue a polite request that those of you who aren't quite so clear with such acknowledgments (including those who routinely benefit from, say, citations in Writer's Digest or The Writer or praise on major discussion boards as excellent sources for information) do me (and the other sources you rely on) the similar ethical courtesy of routinely citing where you find the information you post/circulate. Thanks very much!

And now, the latest Monday Morning Listings:

News from Tin House: "We will read until May 31, 2007 (postmark date) for the Fall "Fantastic Women" issue AND the open Winter Issue. Fantastic Women--an issue celebrating the women writers working with an emphasis on the fantastical-- has a very limited number of slots open for poetry, fiction, and Lost and Found essays. Winter is open to any and all themes and ideas." For more information, see the Web site. (via


Find tips for pitching the Wall Street Journal's op-ed page in this interview with the paper's Editorial Features editor, Robert Pollock.


Old Dominion University (Norfolk, VA) is looking for an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing (Fiction). See the announcement at


Radio reporting on the arts sought (Bay Area). Pays: $400 for a 4-minute story. See the announcement at the J-Jobs Database.


Toronto job opening: "The Lifestyle Group of St. Joseph Media is looking for a dynamic, experienced editor to work part-time on stories for Gardening Life magazine on a freelance basis." Details at Jeff Gaulin's Job Board.


The Edinburgh International Book Festival is hiring temporary staff. "We expect hard work, commitment and a positive, enthusiastic attitude. In return, you get a fantastic learning experience that is loads of fun, and the opportunity to make valuable contacts. Additional perks include discounted books and access to some of the world's greatest author events." Click here for more information.


As usual, the Job News published by Columbia University's School of Journalism has lots of interesting announcements. Check the latest updates here.


My German is far too poor to analyze the usefulness of the new arts & culture funding database I found referenced here at the Res Artis site. Maybe one of our more fluent practicing writers can check it out and let us know?


C said...

Hi Erika -

I'm fluent in German an living in Germany so checked out this website. If you look in the upper right corner (the top of the gray bar), there's a EN symbol to switch to English. In my brief go-round, it seemed that all pages were available in English, but if not, I can translate. You can also use this link to get right to the English site:

Erika Dreifus said...

Thank you so much, C. I'd looked for an "English" sign, but missed it until you pointed it out. What do you think of the opps. included in the database?