Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Web Wanderings

A few things that have caught my attention as I've wandered the Web in recent days:

An interesting discussion thread on the Poets & Writers Speakeasy on short fiction collections (free registration required) led me to this Washington Post article.


Found this take on "9/11 fiction" in the Guardian Review.


For a supposedly dying art (as some would have us believe) there sure is a lot being written about book reviewing right now, including this piece on "the novelist as critic" on the Guardian's Books Blog.


On a related note, I'm still trying to figure out what I think about the books cited by a group of "famous" writers when the New York Times Book Review asked them to name the "books they've enjoyed the most over the last few months," and to explain the reasoning behind their choices. Mainly, I'm mulling over why I share their enthusiasms for certain titles, but not others. And I'm trying to decide which of the mentioned books I haven't yet read I'll place on my TBR list.

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