Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday Morning Markets/Jobs/Opportunities

First, here are a few competitions that were detailed in the Practicing Writer newsletter that went out to subscribers at the end of last week:

Chaim Bermant Prize for Journalism (no entry fee);
Ellen Meloy Fund for Desert Writers (no entry fee, for literary/creative nonfiction writers only working on projects "set in desert environs"); and
Willesden Herald International Short Story Prize (no entry fee).

And here's a new market our subscribers already know about:
WAHMmagazine is "not just a magazine for WAHMs, we're also for and about WAHDs, freelancers, telecommuters, veteran work-at-home parents and future work-at-home parents." Pays: $65-350. Guidelines here.

And here's a submission call our subscribers have heard about, too:
Workers Write, an annual from Blue Cubicle Press, has posted a new call for stories and poems: "Tales from the Couch will contain stories from the mental healthcare worker's point of view (psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, and social workers). You story can be set anywhere mental and emotional care is given." Deadline: August 1, 2008. Pays: $5-$50, depending on length of the work and rights requested. Will consider previously published material. Find out more here.

Sorry you missed finding out about all these opportunities first? You can subscribe to our newsletter here. It's free, your e-mail address won't be shared, and you'll get access to a literary competition e-book, too.


Now, not everyone who earns an M.F.A. is going to be able to get a teaching job (and not everyone wants one in the first place). Still, you have to put food on the table and pay all those bills before Oprah anoints you. I'm one writer--and I'm increasingly aware of how many others are out there--who found a full-time job (with regular paychecks! with health insurance! without grading responsibilities!) in higher education, but OUTSIDE the classroom. So from now on, as intimated earlier, I'm going to include similar opportunities on the blog as well. Here's the first batch:

Assistant Managing Editor, Binghamton University (New York) (appears to be a half-time position);
Staff Writer, Boston College (Massachusetts);
Publications Writer, Cochise College (Arizona);
Senior Development Writer/Team Leader, Rice University (Houston); and
Part-Time Writer/Editor, Rutgers-Newark (New Jersey; pays: $25-$35/hour).

But don't worry--I'll still include teaching jobs here, too!

Assistant Professor of Creative Writing (poetry, fiction, or performance), Pitzer College, California;
Assistant Professor of English (fiction writing focus; secondary emphasis in creative nonfiction or screenwriting), Columbus State University, Georgia;
Assistant Professor of English (fiction writing), Western Kentucky University;
Assistant Professor of Creative Writing (fiction), Old Dominion University, Virginia;
Mina Hohenberg Darden Endowed Chair in Creative Writing, Old Dominion University, Virginia;
Visiting Lecturer in Creative Writing ("Candidate's primary interest should be in either fiction or poetry writing with a secondary interest in nonfiction and literary nonfiction"), Muhlenberg College, Pennsylvania;
Tenure-track faculty in English (creative writing-poetry), Shippensburg University (Pennsylvania);
Assistant Professor in English (poetry), Gettysburg College (Pennsylvania); and
Assistant Professor (creative nonfiction); Visiting Writer/Instructor in Creative Writing (creative nonfiction and poetry, for spring 2008); Director of the Composition Program, all at Northern Arizona University.

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