Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Wednesday Web Browser: A Mathematician-Novelist, Obama through French Artists' Eyes, and "Artists in the Workplace"

In the New York Times, Claudia Dreifus (no relation) interviews mathematician-novelist Manil Suri.
Also in the NYT: L'effet Obama on arts and culture in France.
I've been meaning to write about a new NEA report on "artists in the workplace" (because of the arts-related aspects of my job, I was able to download and read it at work late last week), but Tayari beat me to it. Go read her analysis; she has also included a link to the full report and to the NYT highlights. One thing I keep wondering about, however: The report focuses on those who identify their primary occupations as artists (including writers), but do all writers who, say, have full-time TT jobs teaching writing at universities identify themselves for census purposes (and the census seems to have a lot to do with how this report was compiled) as professors or as writers? In other words, did the report even scratch the surface of the true numbers and characteristics of the writing population out there?


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