Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Find: Poets & Writers Magazine, November-December 2008

It's here--the November-December issue of Poets & Writers. If you're not a subscriber receiving the print issue, you can still benefit from the articles published online, as well as from the latest classifieds. Enjoy!


deonne kahler said...

But, alas, it looks like they don't publish the cover stories online, do they? Of course, I had just let my subscription lapse (because of all the moves) and they feature Toni Morrison, one of my all time favorite writers. Sheesh.

SEO Firm said...

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Erika D. said...

Glad to share it. And Deonne, maybe a fellow Manhattan practicing writer elf will share the article with you ;-). Seriously, I am likewise disappointed that they don't publish everything online, but I guess they do want to keep their print subscribers. By the way, there's also a fantastic piece by William Giraldi on Aharon Applefeld that's only available in this print issue.