Monday, December 08, 2008

Monday Morning Markets/Jobs/Opportunities

Prefatory note: As a blog that focuses on writing and publishing, Practicing Writing might, you think, wish to track the depressing events in the literary business world. But for several reasons--among them, the fact that other sites are doing that quite well in essentially real time and my preference, as the weekly title of "Monday Morning Markets/Jobs/Opportunities" may suggest, to focus on what can expand our writing practices rather than on the closing doors--we haven't been the best resource for that particular news. But you can be sure that this practicing writer is following the developments elsewhere--and you should, too. This post from Tayari Jones can get you started with links to some of last week's bad news. And for some not-so-good news regarding the academic job market for creative writers, see this article from the AWP Job List.
"Blue Sky Project invites professional artists from around the world and Dayton-area teens to create new works of contemporary art. This eight-week Artist-in-Residence Program hosts artists who have a demonstrated commitment to innovation and exploration and are interested in collaborating with fellow artists and young people as a means of creating new works. In support of artistic experimentation and collaboration, we organize small groups of local teens eager to work with a professional artist, provide fees and materials to artists, and employ our facilities and staff to address the creative needs of our Blue Sky Project teams." Pays: $7,000 stipend and housing. No application fee indicated. Deadline: January 31, 2009. For details and application/proposal instructions, click here. (via The Fund for Women Artists' latest Theatre Funding News, [which is not for women only!])
Applications for the 2009-2010 Gettysburg College Emerging Writer Lectureship should be postmarked by January 30, 2009. This is a one-year appointment "for a creative writer who plans a career that involves college-level teaching, to teach three courses per semester, including Introduction to Creative Writing and an advanced course in the writer's genre, as well as to assist with departmental writing activities. Mentorship for teaching and assistance in professional development provided. M.A., with a concentration in creative writing, M.F.A., or Ph.D. with creative dissertation, required. Teaching experience and literary magazine publications are essential. Competitive salary." See the announcement here.
Gulf Coast, "a journal of literature and fine arts" published at the University of Houston, has redesigned its Web site, which provides a moment to remind everyone about this impressive (and paying) journal. Visit it here.
And another Texas-based opportunity: The Texas Institute of Letters invites entries in twelve categories for the best works published in 2008. This year's awards will total $21,450. There is no entry fee. Entries must be postmarked by January 9, 2009. "Each entry should be accompanied by a statement of eligibility: birth in Texas or two years consecutive residence in the state at some time. A work whose subject matter substantially concerns Texas is also eligible." For much more information, click here.
And of course, a weekly round-up of jobs for writers (thankfully, there still are some):
Assistant Professor of English/Creative Writing, Minnesota State University-Mankato
Assistant Professor of English (two-year replacement position, fiction), Grinnell College (Iowa)
Director of Communications, Clark University (Massachusetts)
Senior Editorial Communications Specialist, Kent State University (Ohio)

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