Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Wednesday Web Browser: A "Radical" Idea, Truth in Nonfiction, and Chanukah Poems

"We believe that students who major in foreign languages should be required to have a good command of English and some knowledge of English and American literature; likewise, English majors should be required to learn another language and become familiar with literature in another language." So suggests the MLA (working with the Teagle Foundation), in a new white paper. People are thinking this is a "radical" idea? I'd say it's reactionary--in a good way. Not too many scholarly generations ago, it was a given. (And the MLA is just talking about undergraduates here--just think about what might reasonably be demanded of graduate students in literary fields.)
I'm so grateful to Deonne for writing up her take on a panel discussion both she and I attended recently on "Autobiography/Biography: Narrating the Self." Deonne is clear and comprehensive in her summary--and has discreetly neglected to describe how I erupted when one panelist seemed to argue that "truth" in nonfiction is overrated.
We are well into Chanukah now. I am delighted to discover this batch of Chanukah poetry compiled by the Academy of American Poets.

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See what a good friend I am? Your outbursts are safe with me. (Ha.)