Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Wednesday Web Browser: Recommended Parenting-Related Writing

It's not exactly a secret around here that although I don't have children of my own, I'm quite interested in parent-child relationships and the infinite stories emanating from them. Today, I thought I'd point out some exemplary parenting-related writing.

First up: Recently, I reconnected with a friend who is now a mom to twin toddlers (and two wonderful older stepchildren). I was quick to recommend Jane Roper's excellent "Baby Squared" blog on I'm not exactly sure when I discovered this blog, but Jane, whose name I remembered from the Boston writing scene, instantly pulled me in with her smart, funny writing about life with her twin girls.
Next: "Kelly James-Enger" is another name I've known for a long time, mainly from many years' worth of Writer magazine articles. The other day, I read Kelly's beautiful essay, "When Words Really Matter." It's an eloquent reminder that sometimes, our most significant writings won't earn us a penny of income. But they're infinitely more valuable than anything that might bring in a paycheck.
Finally, Gene Weingarten's Washington Post article, "Fatal Distraction," is currently making the Internet rounds. This extended article is notable for its powerful writing (as well as its tragic subject matter). Warning: You may not be able to get through it. (For the record, I first found this article via Lisa Belkin's Motherlode blog at

Any of you want to recommend similar/related writings or writers? Please do so, in comments!


Lisa Romeo said...

That Washington Post article was so very well done, and yet the subject matter was so very sad, I wanted to stop reading it, and yet... I couldn't stop until the very last my opinion, a great example of long form literary journalism, and it defies the traditional thinking that online readers won't keep clicking to read all the way through a long piece. They will, if it's written well.

Thanks for pointing me to it.

Erika D. said...

Thank you so much for that thoughtful comment, Lisa. You've articulated exactly why, from a craft standpoint, I thought some of this blog's readers would appreciate it.