Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Wednesday Web Browser

I loved reading this account of how Erica Eisdorfer's novel, The Wet Nurse's Tale, reached publication. (Hint: The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award
competition had something to do with it! Thanks to Susan Bauer for alerting me to this great success story.)
New blog alert: On The MFA Chronicles, you can follow a group of writers through the first year of their graduate programs.
And last week on Nathan Bransford's blog, Lauren Baratz-Logsted guest-posted on the topic of "the fine art of getting blurbs."


Delia Lloyd said...

Thanks, Erika. What a great story about the other Erica. Inspirational for those of us still trying to find an's good to know that good things happen to those who wait (and persevere) and move on if the first 1-2 novels don't work out...

Delia Lloyd

Erika D. said...

Glad you liked it, Delia. Yes, it's a great story, isn't it?