Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Wednesday Web Browser

I love this article on running a DIY Writers' Retreat.
The Chronicle of Higher Education tells us that "Translators Struggle to Prove Their Academic Bona Fides." APOLOGIES: THE ARTICLE APPEARS TO BE LIMITED TO SUBSCRIBERS.
I finally caved in and opened a Twitter account last week so I could "attend" a Twitter book club. Please feel welcome to "follow" me (there) and suggest your favorite writerly Twitter feeds in comments (here).
Finally: I didn't know poet Rachel Wetzsteon other than by name, but I was deeply saddened to read about her recent death. And I think that Jennifer Michael Hecht's recent post on the Best American Poetry blog, "On Suicide," is a must-read. I don't want to risk stereotyping/generalizing, but let's face it: "writer" and "depression" are two words that too often appear in combination. Hecht's message needs to get out there, "even" if it reaches a single person who needs it.


Kate said...

I just followed you on twitter. On my follow feed you'll find three publishers in the UK and Canada that are very interesting Salt, Holland Park Press and House of Anansi.

Anonymous said...

Twitter's not useless. The night of the National Book Awards, I checked it constantly for the winners, and sure enough, when the announcement came close to 11 pm, about 30 "tweets'' from people in the room put the news out. I don't know how good Twitter is for sales and promotion (does Oprah really need to increase her "brand?'') but it can't be beat for breaking news. The earthquake in Haiti, the bombing in Mumbai, student protests in Iran -- all tweeted ahead of other news outlets. This is to say, I'll follow you!

Erika D. said...

Thanks for the tips. Do you find the "list" feature helpful? I haven't begun using it yet, but as I "follow" some prolific feeds, it looks as though I'm going to have to do something. How do you organize all the feeds you follow?

Anne Whitehouse said...

Dear Erika,
I liked Jennifer Michael Hecht's piece on Rachel Wetzsteon and her suicide. Very sad. Especially when one thinks she had a lot to live for. I vividly remember when Anne Sexton committed suicide and how upset we student poets were at the time. YOu are right in your comments. Thank you.
Anne Whitehouse
I have thought about joining Twitter, but who would want to follow me?

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm not following incessant tweeters enough to have to organize the feeds according lists. But you bring up what will probably be a big problem in the near future as more people jump on Twitter.

Carla Acheson said...

I am a toddler-twitter, I have no idea how any of it works, even if people follow me I can't figure out why or what the point is? Anyone care to give me a rundown. i;ll try and follow Erica if I can find the link!
Nice, and informative site Erica