Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Wednesday Web Browser

In her latest Chronicle essay, Rachel Toor writes about the habit of writing. Warning: Prepare to feel chastised if you aren't a)writing and b)exercising as much as you should/want to be.
I've been out of college almost 20 years, but I still enjoy reading the main campus newspaper (and thanks to the Internet, it's easy for me to do so!). Here's a story--about a "budding freshman author" named Noni D. Carter--that makes such visits to the newspaper's site even more meaningful.
Midge Raymond reports on her recent trip to the Southern California Writers' Conference and what she heard there.
Another useful nuts-and-bolts column from "After Deadline."


Rachel said...

Ouch. Didn't mean to make folks feel "chastised" for not writing, and I don't think anyone should exercise if she doesn't love it (I don't exercise, I only run--outdoors, in beautiful places). However, if you don't brush your teeth, that's a problem.

Thanks for the mention of my essay (I think).

Rachel Toor

Erika D. said...

Thanks very much for stopping by, Rachel. If you spend some more time on the blog, I hope you'll see that I'm a fan of your Chronicle essays. I certainly meant no harm by this mention. For some of us (especially those not on a relatively flexible academic or freelance schedule), failing to write or exercise (for me, alas, it IS exercise) for even a few days can cause self-chastisement. Perhaps this may make us a bit hypersensitive.

Rachel said...

I feel your pain. My audience at the Chronicle is primarily academics, and many of them have very little flexibility in their schedules. I am describing an ideal; reality will always fall short of that, but the idea is to shift the thinking so that you can (maybe, eventually) shift the practice.

I do love your blog, by the way.