Friday, March 05, 2010

Friday Find: Twitter Chats for Writers

Remember when I told you that I was finally lured into opening a Twitter account because I wanted to participate in the Jewish Book Council's Twitter book club? It turns out that there are SO MANY similar Twitter chats occurring on a regular basis. It's a veritable virtual smorgasbord!

Thanks to There Are No Rules, I've recently discovered "Inkygirl"'s excellent list of "Twitter Chats for Writers," and someday--perhaps even this weekend--I'll actually be able to visit a handful of them! Check them out, and please tell us if any of your favorites are listed there (or if there are others we should know about).

Have a wonderful weekend. See you back here on Monday!


Jenn said...

Inkygirl is my go-to source on how to best utilize Twitter as a writer (her "Writers' Guide to Twitter" is one of the few social media guides that I would consider an essential read -- it helped me feel a lot more comfortable with Twitter (and made me realize how much potential it had as more than just a "What I had for lunch" report in 140 characters or less).

Eeleen Lee said...

I'm giving Twitter a second chance, there's a lot of junk but nothing spreads the word faster or more succinctly than Twitter

CJ's Writer Thoughts said...

Hello Erika,
Thank you for your wonderful blog. There is much to learn here, and I have. I wish you the best of everything!
Warmest regards,
CJ Heck

Erika D. said...

Thanks so much for the comments!