Monday, March 01, 2010

Monday Morning Markets/Jobs/Opportunities

Kentucky writers, it's your year to apply for an Al Smith Individual Artist Fellowship. These are "$7,500 awards given to Kentucky artists who have achieved a high level of excellence and creativity in their work. Applications are accepted annually on a rotating basis by discipline. In even-numbered years, applications are accepted from writers (fiction, nonfiction, play/screenwriting and poetry), choreographers and music composers." In addition, "Emerging Artist Awards are $1,000 awards given to emerging artists who demonstrate a high level of excellence and creativity in their work. For the purposes of this grant, the term 'emerging artist' is defined as a professional artist who is in the early stages of his/her career. Emerging artists possess some professional experience (e.g., exhibitions, sales, contracted/paid performances,'publications/readings, etc.) though they may be graduating seniors in bachelor’s programs, graduate students or non-matriculating, early-stage, professional artists." No application fee indicated. Deadline: March 15, 2010. (via KFW Hot Flash)
Our Practicing Writer newsletter went out to subscribers Saturday morning, and as usual, it was packed with details about paying publications and upcoming no-fee contests, fellowships, and scholarships that you haven't seen posted here. A few examples: The Pedestrian (a new quarterly journal), an anthology of true Christmas stories, Wesleyan Writers Conference scholarships and fellowships, and the Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest. Wish you'd had the weekend to enjoy and benefit from the newsletter but haven't yet subscribed? Join us now--it's free, and we'll keep your e-mail address private.
Ball State University (Ind.) is looking for an Assistant Professor (fiction writing): "Tenure-track position available August 20, 2010. Responsibilities: teach and develop a wide range of undergraduate and graduate creative writing courses, particularly in fiction; publish fiction."
Lehigh University (Pa.) seeks a Presidential Writer and YAI/National Institute for People with Disabilities (N.Y.) is looking for a Writer.

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