Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Wednesday Web Browser

Allison Amend provides "Instructions for a Do-It-Yourself Book Tour."
Robert Lee Brewer describes "How to Handle Line and Stanza Breaks in Poems."
Adam Kirsch and Ilya Kaminsky engage in a dialogue on poetry translations.
The Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas-Austin has purchased the papers of David Foster Wallace.


Theresa Milstein said...

The "Do It Yourself Book Tour" had some great advice. I'm saving this one, in case I'm ever in that position.

drew said...

I agree. The book tour info is great. Thanks for finding and sharing this info.

Anonymous said...

This was indeed a great post with tons of honest, self-deprecating advice.

That aside, I truly, honestly need to know - do book tours really help? Do they sell enough books to make it worthwhile?

I watched a video of John le Carré, for god's sake, doing a book tour and it looked downright uncomfortable.

Isn't the reason we all became writers that we don't really, um, like, um, standing in front of crowds to, um make presentations? Especially about ourselves...

Erika D. said...

So glad that you appreciated that link! You should scroll down to the "bulletin" hyperlink near the bottom of that page and subscribe to the Glimmer Train newsletter it came from.

And yes, LCS249, you raise good points.