Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Wednesday Web Browser

Robert Lee Brewer shares eight ways he finds inspiration to write poetry.
Not that I've had the chance to read it yet, but there's a new Joyce Carol Oates story in the current New Yorker. Plus, an e-mail Q&A between New Yorker fiction editor Deborah Treisman and Oates.
Congratulations to Tayari Jones, whose first novel, Leaving Atlanta (2002), is edging ever closer to a movie theater near you!
In response to David Shields' controversial new book, Reality Hunger: A Manifesto, the Brevity blog is running a "Mini-Reality-Hunger-Festival" this week. According to Brevity editor Dinty W. Moore, the mini-blog-festival will include "a round-up of the good, bad, and confusing reviews of the book, stolen text, obituaries for the novel, a look at the art of writing the literary manifesto, our own literary manifesto, and thoughtful consideration of Shields' contentious view of literature's future." Join in!


Susan Woodring said...

Oh, can't wait to read the new JCO story and the interview. Thanks for the alert!!

Erika D. said...

Hi, Susan--thanks for stopping by! Now I can congratulate you very publicly on GOLIATH (folks, Susan's latest book was recently purchased by St. Martin's Press!).

mf said...

Hi Erica! Really love your blog. I read all your postings. And you link to such interesting writing info that I've never heard of. Thank you!

However, I was wondering about a minor technical thingy -- is there any way that when I click on a link on your blog that it opens a new page and not take me off yours? You post so many useful resources that I want to come back to your page and click on the other items.

This could be a function of the blog system that you use (I don't know much about how all that works yet) but if there is anything you could do that would be great. In any case this is a teeny tiny inconvenience compared to the value of your blog. Thanks again!

Erika D. said...

Thanks, Marie-Francoise. I'll see what I can do--I may have chosen these settings deliberately way back when to avoid something that I personally find irritating: clicking on to a resource only to be unable to see or bookmark its url because I'm still within the frame of the original blog/site.