Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Wednesday Web Browser

Recommended reading: Allegra Goodman's excellent short story in this week's New Yorker and the accompanying Book Bench Q&A. (I'm wondering if other readers will find the story as sad as I do. I know that part of my emotional reaction is some kind of nostalgia wave for Cambridge, Mass., where the story is set, but still....)
Scott McLemee interviews Weber Studies editor Michael Wutz on how the journal is "doing more with less."
What are your favorite "sexy" literary selections? Gina Barreca wants to know.
21 Things for Authors to Tweet About On Twitter (speaking of, you can find me at @erikadreifus).
I hated rankings back when I was in high school and our GPAs seemed to determine our futures, and rankings of any kind still make me squeamish. But you should probably take a look at this "tiered" list of literary journals. Just be sure to pay attention to all of the qualifying comments/caveats.
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Barbara Krasner said...

Thanks for the link to the literary magazine rankings. Seems like I sold my first short story to a magazine far beyond the fifth tier...

b.mousli said...

I subscribe to Book Bench as well and discovered Allegra Goodman, and her short stories... Quite interesting. Like you I found it sad, but loved the precised, quasi-surgical way she writes. I ordered one of her first volume of shorts.
thanks for the blog!

Erika D. said...

Barbara, join the club of those who have published in "tier-less" journals! And b. mousli, I agree: "Quasi-surgical" is a great description of that story's style.

Dana Lynn Smith said...

Erika, I am glad to discover your blog and I will share it with my followers. Thanks for linking to my article, 21 Things for Authors to Tweet About.