Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Morning Markets/Jobs/Opportunities

"ABC-CLIO seeks contributors for an Encyclopedia of Cultivated Plants. The encyclopedia will include entries on 350 cultivated plants: crops, ornamentals and medicinals. Contributors shall receive full authorial credit for their entries, a small honorarium and, in the case of 5,000 words of entries, a free set of the encyclopedia."
"The Kentucky Women Writers Conference is seeking two college students for summer internships. From May 25 through September 17, interns will assist with publicity, writing contests, and event planning. They will work 5 hours per week with $500 stipend and must be available for long hours during the conference weekend, September 10–12. For more information or to request an interview, please send a resume and cover letter (both are required) to womenwriters(at)uky(dot)edu." (via the Kentucky Foundation for Women "Hot Flash" newsletter)
Nicholls State University (La.) is looking for an Assistant Professor of English, "Creative Writing (Fiction/Poetry) Specialty." Find the listing here.
"Hofstra University's Publishing Studies program seeks an adjunct instructor to teach two courses in book editing for the 2010-2011 academic year. Candidate must have extensive experience in book editing. In addition, experience in copyediting, proofreading, and book acquisition, as well as teaching English or book publishing at the college level, is a plus."
The Muffin, the blog of WOW! Women on Writing, is looking for a Fiction Blogger: "Are you a fiction writer who enjoys sharing your knowledge, tips, and advice with fellow writers? We're looking for a blogger who is dedicated to fiction--someone who has a novel under her belt and/or published short stories--who can craft short posts on how-to topics related to fiction writing." They're also looking for a "Tech" Topics Blogger: "Do you like to write about SEO, social networking for writers/authors, blogging, book promotion online, etc? We're looking for a blogger who can write about various "tech" (okay, not so tech, but sort-of) topics in a woman-friendly voice. A blogger who can guide newbies through the labyrinth of the web. Posts can be about anything from how to burn a feed to how to find groups on Twitter. Posts should be short, simple how-tos written for beginners." To apply: "All posts will be roughly 250 - 500 words. Familiarity with Wordpress and blogging is preferred. This is an ongoing blogging position where you'd be required to blog regularly and come up with your own post ideas with little or no supervision. Starting pay: $5 per post, paid monthly through PayPal. If you'd like to join our team, please send an email to editors(at)wow-womenonwriting(dot)com with 'Fiction Blogger' or 'Tech Topics Blogger' in the subject line. Include links to sample blog posts related to the topic you're applying for. Include links to your blog(s) and/or links to blogs you currently blog for. Let us know how many days a month or week you'd like to blog. We look forward to hearing from you!"
From, a few paying gigs for bloggers--this time, especially for those of you who teach off the tenure-track. I received this info via e-mail last week from "We are looking to add to our roster of blogs. Right now, we have ten blogs. We are looking to add another half a dozen blogs to the site. At the moment, gets 79,000-120,000 unique visitors each month. Do you have the desire to share your experiences with teaching colleagues from across North America and around the world? Here are the bloggers we're looking for:

1. One blogger to write about teaching online. You are an experienced distance education faculty member, and can write once weekly about the ins and outs of life as a virtual adjunct.

2. One blogger to write about the higher education unions. You are an experienced unionist faculty member, and can write once weekly about the ins and outs of the movement to unionize the nation's 700,000 faculty off the tenure-track.

3. One blogger to offer up teaching tips to new faculty. You are a very experienced faculty member, perhaps you've designed faculty orientations and/or orientation materials. This blogger will offer teaching advice to new adjunct faculty members on a weekly basis.

4. One blogger to write about life as a freeway flyer. You are an experienced faculty member, and can write once weekly about the ins and outs of life as an adjunct who is piecing together full-time work from part-time teaching jobs.

5. One blogger to write about life as an adjunct by choice. You are an experienced faculty member, and can write once weekly about the ins and outs of life as an adjunct who is NOT piecing together full-time work from part-time teaching jobs. You teach part-time because you want to, and enjoy it.

6. Pitch your own blog topic. I realize that there are as many different kinds of adjuncts as stars in the sky. Is your teaching situation unique? Pitch a blog.

If you are interested, please email me at editor(at)adjunctadvocate(dot)com. Indicate which blog you would be interested in writing and send along a 350 [-word?] sample blog entry. Please include contact information (phone number), and if your sample blog entry stops me in my tracks, I'll be in touch. Pay is $30 per weekly entry to start. I look forward to hearing all who are interested in blogging for Sincerely, P.D. Lesko, Executive Editor."

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