Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Wednesday Web Browser

Join the Madame Bovary read-a-long that is being planned for the fall, using the new translation by Lydia Davis to ground discussion! (Thanks to The Boston Bibliophile for the tip!)
Over on The Writer magazine's staff blog, one of the wonderful editors I've had the good fortune to work with pretty frequently, Sarah Lange, talks about freelancing with Kelly James-Enger. I've admired James-Enger's work for a long time, so even if her words here brought forth a pang or two for my own former freelance/self-employed life, I was able to focus on and enjoy the Q&A nonetheless. (You'll find James-Enger's new blog, Dollars and Deadlines, linked on our sidebar now, too.)
Another newcomer to our sidebar list: author Allegra Goodman's blog. I had the privilege of meeting Allegra my first semester in college, when I had a small role in a play she'd written. Twenty-something years later, I'm enjoying the updates preceding the early July publication of her next novel, The Cookbook Collector, which is receiving stellar pre-pub reviews. (I've already pre-ordered my copy.)
On my "other" blog, My Machberet ("machberet" is the Hebrew word for "notebook"), I seem to be settling into a habit of rounding up links relating to Jewish authors and books on Jewish themes each Friday (just in time for the Sabbath/Shabbat). Last week's collection featured two of my favorite authors (Ludwig Lewisohn and Patrick Modiano), The Forward's summer books section, the transcript from the most recent Jewish Book Council Twitter Book Club, and more.


GBoubion said...

Hi Erica,
Interesting info as always. I also like Tablet magazine, run by a former Forward editor. Very literary, great arts/culture/politics coverage.

Erika D. said...

Yes, I read Tablet religiously (no pun intended). It's linked on my other blog, My Machberet.